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All About Halal Food

In the world of food, the term Halal refers to a set of standards that determine whether the meal or product meets specific Islamic dietary restrictions. While there are several different standards of Halal food depending on different understandings of Islamic Law, most restaurants that offer Halal food near me that follow some of the same basic guidelines. When it comes to food that’s farm to fork, the Halal guidelines may be a bit more stringent. Let’s take a closer look at Halal food and what it is, and what makes it different from some other foods you’ll find throughout the world.

Animals raised on farms with the intention of being used for the consumption of Halal food must be treated humanely. They must also get most of their diets from a vegetarian feed. All animals must be slaughtered by a Muslim and must have a verbal blessing. The blood is drained from the animal completely before processing. During the processing of meat, there must be no cross-contamination between the Halal and non-Halal products. Additionally, there should be no traces of alcohol used during processing. While cooking Halal food near me, there can also be no cross-contamination between different foods, and no animal byproducts can be added with the exception of eggs and dairy.

The word Halal means permissible, which means that all halal food near me must be prepared and cooked according to Islamic law. The verbal blessing used when butchering meat is also known as a dedicated called tasmiya or shahada, which honors Allah. Halal food is not just restricted to meat, however. Other Halal food includes grain like rice, pasta, or bread that cannot be prepared with alcohol, lard, or vanilla extract which are all considered harmful. Most fruit and vegetables are considered Halal food. However, they cannot be prepared with any form of animal shortening, bacon, alcohol, or haram ingredients. These rules originated from a series of passages found in the Qur’an, and the Halal practices are still observed today.

There are a few similarities between Halal and kosher food, but they are not completely the same. While both the Qur’an and the Old Testament forbid eating pork and the blood of animals, those who follow a kosher diet also cannot eat dairy and meat together. Halal food near me can consist of both dairy and meat, which is why a delicious cheeseburger is perfectly acceptable. People who are halal can eat kosher foods, but not all people who eat kosher foods may eat Halal. If you’re looking for amazing Halal food near me, be sure to visit Saltyz Burgers and Subs today for a delicious meal that will have you craving more.

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